The Beginning

This is the very first blog entry I have ever made anywhere so I guess I will start at the beginning. I decided to come back to education after many years of going nowhere in jobs that I felt unsuited to and had no future in, always wanting to find a direction that made me feel I was headed towards a future I could be happy in.  With a little push, I took a foundation course and then went onto University after finding a love for photography. I am now a student in my final year at Plymouth University studying photography. It’s been a fun journey so far and I thought rather than just drop you in at the deep end I would start by showing you work I did on my Foundation course and then work towards where I am now. I hope you approve. The first shot is from a building in Exeter that was being prepared for demolition. It was used in my final show for my foundation. The project was based on empty spaces, places we might expect people to be, but they weren’t. I had a sound track playing in the background that was filled with voices from a busy meeting place.


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