Set Construction (feeding time at the sales)

In our second year we have a set construction module which sounds like a massive amount of fun. It is actually alot of hard work, but also alot of fun. We were put into groups and given a studio space each and a time limit, and told we had 100 pounds to spend (not actually as much as it sounds) We quickly realised that we would have to learn woodwork, construction, wallpapering, painting, electrics, lighting, flooring and many more skills none of us actually possessed at the time. Yes we all had words on occasion but luckily not as bad as I thought it could have been considering power tools were present! So we sat down came up with a plan and then built our set. Everything you see apart from the people themselves is a constructed set. We chose the January sales and wanted to ‘hint’ at the animalistic nature of fighting over clothing during our January sales.


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