New and latest project

well that run through of my uni history seemed quite short and sweet so i may have a rummage through the negs and find you some more examples at some point. But for now i think i will show you some of my latest project. I asked 10 women to write me a piece on their emotional memories to places within the town they all live in. My aim now is to take those thoughts and photograph the area in which they have mentioned but not in an illustrative way as such, but more of a trying to capture the emotions of the memories way. So tell me what you all think. This is a place that one women remembers walking with her father to the sweetshop on Saturday mornings. It is a happy memory for her and she specifically remembers the green railings, which luckily for me are still green. I also thought the trees were in twos which made me think about the two people (little girl and her father) Her overall feelings of the town are not really that good so i thought the slightly greyer sky could also symbolise that.


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