Sometimes it rains even when the sun shines

A possible picture for my new project. It is an old image but it was never used for what it was meant for and it would fit so well with the new project that I may just add it in. This image is about me. It is a place I spent time in as a child. Its strange because I wasn’t sure I liked it then but I remember it now with a strange affection. Maybe I like the building rather than the ballet lessons I took there. or maybe as an adult you learn that things are never as they seem when you were a child. I don’t know. Still I like the image and it is quite fitting.

One thought on “Sometimes it rains even when the sun shines

  1. i think this shot is very nostalgic and real. in this i mean you have captured the reality of life with all its victorian mold, with that weathered lived in look which could take anyone back to their distant memories. The colour of the umbrella and the light streaming through the window add to this and create a nostalgic atmosphere

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