Must stop taking ‘Nice pics’

Just taking pics still of the things i see every day. Will have to get a bit less ‘nice pic’ now as not everything in life is a nice pretty picture, and this is my third year so photos have to be more amazing, but I liked the shapes in this one.

2 thoughts on “Must stop taking ‘Nice pics’

  1. my first impression of this shot was
    i love this one
    i love the combination of the architecture and soft landscaping with the sea and sky behind
    the shadows and the whole shot makes you want to take in a deap breath and sigh
    isnt that what good photography is about?
    would like your thoughts too

    • it is strange sometimes how different peoples opinions of something are. to my teachers this is just a ‘nice’ picture, very pretty but not amazing. the project i am doing now is allowed some pretty pictures but has to be more meaningful as it is about me and my life and the moments that affect me, it can’t all be nice and pretty. but yes i do like this photo otherwise i wouldn’t have put it on here but i do understand what they are saying, i have to stand out if i hope to get a good mark in my final major project. but don’t worry i won’t stop taking pretty pics too.xx

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