Temporary website

I have built a temporary website while i wait for my professional one to be finished. If you would like a look and give me advice on what you think works well together or what you would change then feel free to comment. I built it just to give myself an idea of what i wanted to show in my work and how it could be put together and editing order etc so take a look at http://allfoto.wix.com/allfoto and let me know what you think.


6 thoughts on “Temporary website

  1. i think its brilliant. it has all the info that you would need on it. it is clear and precise and easy to look at
    i think the title page should have a pic of you on it. it may be aol blocking this if you have already put it on and i didnt go through another isp
    also can the title (about allphotos be darker or brighter and also the contact page info could be brighter
    its a great website, you must be proud of yourself, its great work

    • I didn’t put a pic of me on because its a company and not just me so i wanted it to look as though its more than just me. maybe i could put a pick of both me and jason? he sometimes helps me. i will have a think. i will see what i can do about making it brighter or darker though. thanks for the feedback.xx

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