Todays Dinner

Today i wanted to practice with a dish that had to be photographed quickly so i chose pasta. I set everything up as well as i could before i started cooking this dish- i think it worked quite well, i even got it sorted before the cheese melted completely!

spaghetti and ingredientslogo

Just incase you fancy a go yourself:

Recipe (based on a recipe from the Chiappa sisters)

I pack of sliced pancetta

3 Leeks (unless big fat ones and then two should be fine) sliced lengthways.

Large knob of butter

1 tbsp Brown Sugar

Gorgonzola (i normally use the whole pack as i am greedy!)

Pasta (spaghetti is fine but tagliatelle or a ribbon pasta would pick up the sauce better)

herb of your choice to garnish if you wish (i just love herbs so am prone to dumping a whole load on. My partner on the other hand would be happy if there were none so it is entirely up to you!)

Put a pan of water on to boil ready for your pasta. If you have dry pasta put it on as soon as water is boiling if its fresh pasta it will only take a minute or so, so you can cook it when the other ingredients are almost ready.

Dry fry the pancetta. Remove from the pan and set aside. Add the butter to the pan you cooked the pancetta in, add the brown sugar, stir until dissolved and fry the leeks in the sugar and butter. Its probably about time to put the pasta on to boil if you are using fresh pasta.When the leeks are almost done add most of the gorgonzola and a little pasta water to create a sauce. Season to taste . Crumble up most of the pancetta into the sauce then add the cooked pasta and coat thoroughly. Plate up the dish sprinkling over the remaining gorgonzola and pancetta.



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